Delta Academy is India’s first  professional trading group  that is providing hand- holding support to new and experienced traders.
Delta Academy is the one and  the only group that gives earn  and learn opportunities to  traders who are not able to get  consistent profits from the  market.


We started Delta Trading with one mission — teach aspiring investors & traders the skills to profit from the markets for a lifetime.


Delta Trading is one of the India's leading online schools for investors and traders. Our passion for financial education to teach stock market strategies to aspiring investors.

In 2019, we started this online school to make our brand of online lessons and services available to people around the India. Headquartered in Pune, India. We have since empowered students across country.


Our online school offers an extensive suite of educational offerings for investors and traders. We have expertise in a range of assets and instruments including stock investing, stock trading, options trading. From on-demand video courses, subscription playbooks to live handholding support — here you can find everything you need to start learning and profiting in the financial markets.

The Delta Trading education team is led by Dwipen Gogoi, alongwith Satish Shinde and Manas Protim.

Our unique curriculum features several trademark strategies including Option Course, Hand Holding Support, Advance Portfolio Management and more.


According to my 16 years trading experiences , We providing classes, courses, seminar, webinar etc. but very few trader get profits after doing such thinks.

During the training period trader get confidence, but when they comes to actual market they confused and highly effected by psychology and after all loss the money by end of the month.

That is why we and our team decided to provide life time hand holding support where we can make them profitable professional trader.